About Us


CEO Shareen Harding

My name is Shareen Harding, I am the CEO and founder of Kenai's House Inc a 501(c) (3) non profit organization working out of Temecula CA. This non profit animal rescue has been on my heart for many years and is inspired by my dog Kenai. He is one "spoiled" pup. I always said if I can heart for many years and is inspired by my dog Kenai. I always said if I can just do 50% of what I do for him for abandoned and neglected animals I could make a huge difference in their lives. I'm so excited years their lives. I'm so excited years later to finally be launching Kenai's House, to be doing just that.

Mission Statement

Kenai's House will provide a safe and healthy environment for abandoned and neglected animals to thrive and have a second chance at life until responsible and loving homes can be found.

Vision Statement

The Animals: First and Foremost, we are responsible to all the animals in our care. They are loved and cared for the precious lives that they are. Kenai's House will link arms with county and private kill shelters across the state of California. This will help alleviate overcrowding and euthanasia of animals requiring medical treatment, deemed not ready for re-homing, or for meeting their length of stay. With support of Veterinary staff, animal/rehablitation/socialization staff /and volunteers we will find loving and safe enviornments for all our animals.

The Community

Through education, we will promote a relationship with the community that supports a loving and committed family enviorment where pets are regarded as family throughout their entire life. Furthermore, our location will offer safe surrender of animals for individuals not able to meet medical expenses, housing needs, or provide a safe enviorment.

The Staff and Volunteers
aka "Rescue Rangers"

Staff and volunteers can count on a safe and professional workplace where they are valued and respected. This will foster a caring and loving enviorment where they can provide the love and care that the animals need. Ongoing education and training will be provided to perform their responsibilities at the highest of standards.