Success Stories


Tinkerbelle and her 3 other siblings were abandoned in the night drop.
She was just 5 weeks old when she arrived at Kenai’s House.
She was bloated with parasites, and in need of a bath and lots of love.
The poor girl felt the need to guard her food.
It was evident the first few weeks of life had been tough.
She learned to trust me to provide what she needed.
She loved being cuddled, playing with her brother, and strolling through the neighborhood.
Mastering basic commands such as sit, down, and stay.
She was adopted at 9 weeks old by a shelter volunteer at an adoption event.
It was both the saddest and happiest day for both of us.
Last, update she was adjusting well to her new furever family and her name was still Tinkerbelle.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of Tinkerbelle’s brother’s that was abandoned in the night drop.
At 5 weeks old he was barely 1lb, frail, lethargic and in need of lots of love.
My parents both said he had a permanent frown on his face.
I don’t believe he would have survived in a shelter environment.
He needed to be separated from his sister to make sure he got to eat or she would bully him for his food.
He quickly got stronger with time, love and of course nutrition.
He found his voice and strength and was putting his sister in her place.
He was a perfect little student mastering sit, down, and climbing the stairs.
He was so proud of himself when he could keep up with his sister and brother.
He was quite the cuddle bug and loved playing chase with his sister.
Peter’s frown eventually turned into a perfect smile.
His initial adoption lasted 4 months and unfortunately, the family surrendered him shortly after.
They realized a puppy was more then they could handle.
He was fostered through Kenai’s House for 3 days before he landed his new furever family.
Last update, “Petey” was getting ready for Christmas and had his very own embroidered Christmas stalking.
I am excited to hear what Santa brought the bestest boy.


Maui, 9 months old was picked up as a stray in Riverside County and landed at one of the kill shelters.
He was in danger of being placed on the euth list right after his 48- 72 hour stray hold.
When I first met him, it was love at first sight. He walked over to me and I bent down to pet him and he placed his paw on my knee.
I knew I had to rescue him and find him a furever home.
After, his neuter he was quiet and shy for the first day and by day 2 he was all puppy.
It is obvious that he is smart, loyal, playful and a lover.
The entire Kenai’s House family has fallen in love with him.
So, I am happy to announce that he will be staying with the Kenai’s House family furever.
Welcome home Maui!


Bruticia, 2 years young was on the CODE RED list for kennel stress and for 28 day LOS.
She was labeled rescue only.
She was rescued from the shelter and taken straight to her furever family.
She is adjusting well, to having a home and siblings both human and four- legged.
Her owner describes her as a smart, loyal, and a bit of a “princess.”
Happy that she will be spending the holidays with a family of her very own.


More information on Marvel will be available soon. Please check back learn of his new update.


An Update on Anna will be available soon. Please check back learn of this new update.